Testimonies from Power Evangelism

God is doing life-changing things through Power Evangelism. Here are three power-packed testimonies from recent outings:

In Eastown a man named Kevin was limping and walking with a cane. After talking with him, we found out he had just come from the hospital for back pain. We asked to pray for his back and he let us lay hands on him and pray. When we finished, he was amazed and kept saying, “My back feels better! That is funny!” He then began moving his back and rotating it in ways he had been unable to for a long time. God powerfully touched his life!

At the mall we felt God tell us to go into Forever 21 where we met a girl named Kayla. We told her that God told us to come there and highlighted her to us. She was so encouraged and told us she loved God and had a relationship with Jesus. We asked her if she was filled with the Holy Spirit; but she was hesitant and unsure about it. After sharing our personal testimonies, she asked if we could pray with her and she was baptized in the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues. Now, she is excited to lay her hands on the sick and see them healed!

A few weeks ago at Rivertown mall God highlighted a girl to us and we approached her. We asked if she knew Jesus and she said she didn’t. We shared about his love and how he wanted a relationship with her. She gave her life to Him right there and since then we have met for coffee and begun to form a friendship.


Time for Some Refreshing and Revitalizing with God by Loren Nofsinger

“Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord; and that He may send Jesus, the Christ appointed for you, whom heaven must receive until the period of restoration of all things about which God spoke by the mouth of His holy prophets from ancient time.” Acts 3:19-21 (NASB)
It is a cold winter day. You have worked hard shovelling snow in the icy cold. You are tired. You have no energy left. Your heavy winter clothes feel like they weigh 100 pounds. You finally come inside, take off the wet, snow-covered clothes, put on a warm sweater, clean up, and lay in the warmth and comfort of your living room. You begin to feel the chill flee your body. Energy begins to return as you sip a warm drink, and you think, “I’m refreshed. I’m ready to carry on.”

When we are tired or have gone through a particularly trying time, nothing feels better than doing something that revitalizes us. Revitalizing may come from many avenues but normally it involves rest and the partaking of food or drink. We recharge our batteries by resting and taking on more fuel. This will refresh our bodies and our minds, but there is a refreshing that the Bible refers to that rejuvenates our spirit.

There are only a few references to being refreshed in the scriptures but they are significant. We find in Exodus 23:12 Moses explaining the laws pertaining to the Sabbath and why they should keep the day holy. It was for them to honor God, to rest, and to have the Lord refresh them. The Sabbath rest that we now have includes peace, joy, freedom, security, grace, and refreshment. All of which are found in God. In His rest and presence we are refreshed and renewed.
In Jeremiah 31:25 God speaks through the prophet and tell the exiles in Babylon that when they return He will refresh all those who are weary. He will not only bring them home, but He will see to it that they are reinvigorated, restrengthened, and revitalized to carry on their lives. He provides a way out for us and then makes sure that we can move on by replenishing us.

We see this principle clearly in Acts 3. Peter is speaking to the Jews in the temple about their ignorance and participation in the crucifixion of Jesus. Peter states that they had killed the Author of life. They were not in a good place. Peter did not diminish their predicament but showed them the way out. If they would repent and turn back to God, He will not only forgive but make a way for “times of refreshing.” As they were restored back to fellowship with God, this refreshing was to come from the presence of the Lord. Restoration to fellowship with God is amazing in itself, but God then refreshes, gives us His rest, feeds us with spiritual food, allows us to drink from His fountain, restores our soul, reinvigorates our vision and purpose, strengthens our hands for the tasks ahead, and heals all of our wounds.

Peter spoke of these times as coming on the heels of repentance, and rightly so. I believe that these times of refreshing can also come whenever we have need of them. When we are stressed, tired, fatigued or facing difficulty He comes and refreshes us. At other times, we draw near to our Father and are in His presence just enjoying His fellowship and He refreshes us. We have also seen where He moves sovereignly upon the church as a whole, pours out His Spirit on the body, and He refreshes us together. These times of corporate refreshing are wonderful. God reveals His hand to bless and revitalize the body so that everyone can see His commitment to and His intervention into our lives. The body is subsequently infused with new faith and vision to see His work advanced. Are these times of refreshing revival? No, but, I believe they are precursors or forerunners of revival because God has showed His love and power to His people and as they call out for more and draw nearer, revival is not far off.

He is a God that restores, renews, revives, and refreshes. I am glad that He does all these things and that He does them all at the right time. So, when the winds of refreshing are needed, draw close to God, put up your sails, catch the wind of the Spirit, and let Him revitalize you.

Think God

Think Hawaii. Think surf, sand, sea. Think blue skies. Peace and quiet. Think coffee. Good hot coffee. A quiet moment. On the deck. Warm sun, slight breeze. Think movies. Think books. Stories, plots you can get lost in. Think friends. Joking, laughing, sharing. History. Stories. More laughing.

How do you get your energy back? How do you get refreshed? It can vary from a week’s vacation in an exotic place to just going to bed early! We’re all different and we re-energize in different ways, but when we are weary, really weary, and we need refreshing, there really is only one source: HE RESTORES MY SOUL.

As tempting as it may be to curl up on the sofa, put on a movie, unplug the phone and lock the door, there are times when that just won’t cut it. It had its place, it worked last week, but this week…I need…refreshing. Super-charged, get-up-and-go, take on the world, yes I am actually alive and kicking, refreshing!

As already pointed out, in Psalm 23, it states, “He” restores my soul. I have had to come to the realization that only God is the restorer of souls. No-one else. Nothing else. Those other things may help for a while, but at the end of the day, it’s only God who can breathe His supernatural breath into my soul and cause it to prosper, be in peace, and sing.

Isaiah 40:29-31, “He gives STRENGTH to the weary and INCREASES THE POWER of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary and young men stumble and fall, but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”
According to this scripture we will:
1) Have strength.
2) Increased power.
3) Soar.
4) Run.
5) Walk.
6) Not get weary or faint.

Over the years God has given me practical tips on how to stay in His strength and allow my soul to be restored. By keeping Him as our hope and our dwelling place, it means we are focused on Him and allow nothing else to replace that hope. He is our vision. There have been times when I have had to examine the amount of space in my head that is occupied by books I read, TV I watch, and words I listen to. I have had to pay attention to the people I hang out with. I try to stick with the ones who have faith, the ones that make me feel encouraged when I walk away, having felt pleased to be in their company. I avoid critical talkers. Anyone can do that, and because we live in an imperfect world full of imperfect people, there will always be opportunity to discuss such things. Stay away.

I pay attention to meetings. When I go to church, I go with an expectancy that God will speak to me. For me. About me. Meet me. That I will feel His presence. This is not the time to stay away being “refreshed” at home. It doesn’t work for me. I have to be with His people, where there is a power in combined faith and corporate worship that causes praise to go through the roof, where I can push life aside and say, “There you are!” to the face of God. It’s where others come with a word of encouragement, a prophetic word, an exhortation, a scripture, a song. It’s where someone stands up and preaches the word of God that I believe has the power to radically change my life. Where we pray together, break bread together, stand up for and alongside each other. It’s where He is! He is always there dwelling with His people.

A tactic of the enemy is to make you believe that God has nothing more to give you, that there is no deeper, higher, more intimate place you can go. That there are not things undiscovered or unearthed. That this is it.

Over the past three years in particular, God has shown me that when He is in the process of meeting me and refreshing me, that it’s not a simple case of, “Oh well, cheer up then!” It’s more of a guided tour of what He wants to say to me and show me. He’s the tour guide. Not me. It means surrender. When I surrender totally and try not to be a control freak, He turns up in an intimate way and it is awesome!

One way that God has taken me by the hand and led me to new levels of previously inexperienced places is in our Deeper meetings. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when we embarked on the monthly Sunday night gatherings. The first thing I thought was, “Oh good. Worship!” and then I got practical. What shall we sing? Who can play? What are we going to do for two hours? Gradually, as the months went by, the power of His presence in those meetings began to affect my life. I found the closer I drew to Him the hungrier I became. The more He turned up, the hungrier I was.

I became totally convinced there was far more. That somehow, a happy contentment had stolen from me the desire to pursue God and know Him on a deeper level than I ever had before. God began to move out of a 2 hour slot on a Sunday night and into my week. He would wake me in the night and speak to me. I began to have frequent dreams where answers would come at me. I would be driving through town and begin to cry because His presence in my car was so thick. I found His love would wrap me in a blanket of warmth that kept out the cold of lack. I found Him. All over again. And in this process of devotion HE RESTORED MY SOUL.

I was not even looking for it. He just did it. And I realized a restored soul is part of His benefits when I drew near. Having strength, having power, soaring, running, walking, it’s all part of being in Him. It is not separate. You don’t wait until you are down and out to go find Him and ask for restoration. You don’t wait until you are exhausted to get filled again. You just live in Him. All the time. Every day.

Think Hawaii? Oh yes! Think coffee? For sure! Think movies? Certainly! Think friends? Absolutely!
Think God? ALWAYS!

The Prophetic Arts

The Prophetic Arts
by Jed Kasica

Ever since the birth of the church in first century A.D., the arts have been commonplace amongst the believer’s community. From the construction of huge intricately designed cathedrals with their beautiful mosaics and painted walls, to the songs of worship sung by the congregation. The arts have been an important part of church history as well as church outreach and growth. Recently, there has been a growing movement amongst the Christian Arts community in which the very art that is being created is not just for entertainment but also more importantly for communicating the word of God.

Art is about communication. An artist’s purpose in a painting a picture, designing a piece of architecture, or writing a song is to communicate. They may be conveying an idea, a belief, a story, or an emotion. Art is such a powerful tool for communication that it has been used in the study of history as a way of understanding cultures and peoples, their ideas, their beliefs, and their stories. And it is effective because it overcomes any obstacle that different languages or illiteracy can cause. If someone cannot read, they can still enjoy art. If someone is in a foreign nation and does not understand their dialect, they can still understand their art. One needs only the ability to see with their eyes and hear with their ears to appreciate a piece of art; having it communicate to their mind and touch their hearts.

The prophetic is also about communication. All of God’s people are prophetic people. The Holy Spirit dwells within the believer and it is through the Holy Spirit that a Christian has the ability to be prophetic. What many people do not realize though, is that the prophetic voice inside them is for more than just Sunday mornings. It is a voice that can speak to and through many areas of a Christian’s life. That voice is what can inspire an idea, making something that is just good into something that is great. Specifically in the area of the arts, it is what can inspire a song or a painting to communicate the heart of God, which will change people’s lives. In fact, when Christians decide to reach to God for an their artistic inspiration, the result is a piece of art inspired by the Creator of the universe, that can touch the very depths of one’s soul, able to bring revelation and encouragement, and communicate what God is saying to His people and to the world.

At The Point Church this fall, we will be hosting a Prophetic Art Show. As the time draws near, we encourage you to seek the Lord and draw from spending time with Him an inspired idea of creativity that you can share with the church. It does not matter if you are artistic or not, God can speak to anyone and give them the ability to do what He asks. As a prophetic people let us go down new avenues of creativity as we seek the Lord this year.

Mission 50 Trip: Go Southwest

Mission 50 Trip: Go Southwest
by Hanna Dugan

It is Thursday, July 8th and we are nearing home after eleven days on the road. We have driven over 6,000 miles and our van is smeared top to bottom with the bugs that have accompanied us on our mission; some joined us early in game, and others were picked up somewhere in California. We have eaten more than thirty meals on-the-go. We have had the pleasure of staying in gorgeous hotels and the thrill of the “not so wonderful” hotel. We have camped. We have almost run out of gas … twice. We have seen America in a whole new light. This is definitely the adventure of a lifetime.

And as I sit in the car just a few miles from home, my mind struggles to recall all we have done, all we have seen, and everyone we met. Much of it seems a blur as we accomplished so much in such a small span of time.
One thing has become infinitely clear and keeps running through my mind: this is what we are called for, to stand as the people of God, before the leaders of this land and proclaim blessings to them. To pray with them unashamedly and to bring the kingdom of God right into the offices where they make their decisions. To offer uncompromised support and overflowing wisdom. We have been called to a position of great authority, even in the company of rulers.

Mission 50 is a reminder of what you, as a child of God, are called to. As a team we were able to meet with men and women of high standing all throughout the Southwest. We had appointments with the Governor’s chief advisor in Salt Lake City and the Lieutenant Governor of Idaho. On a previous trip the team was able to meet with the Governor of West Virginia. Even when the only available staff was the head secretary or assistant, we were certain that we met and blessed the right person. He set up meetings with the perfect people because he wanted to touch their lives. Mission 50 is a call to live outside of the ordinary, outside of your routine, and completely within your calling.

There is always talk of taking the nations; talk of taking this and that nation across the globe. It is easy to forget that one’s own nation is at our feet and in our backyard. Mission 50 is an incredible way to take hold of the kingdom of God and bring it to the men and women who oversee the United States.

Your journey starts with prayer and ends with action. Pray about where God is sending you and GO!